We are the original, family owned and operated Puma Marble Company. Alexander Puma
started this company in 1968. His wife Theresa  worked with him selling and talking with the
designers.  In 1995 Alexander Puma took ill and  Theresa and Alexander retired and the business
keep going with his daughters, Lori Ann, Mary Ellen and her husband Robert Seitz. For over 42
years we have helped architects, contractors, and interior designers satisfy the many needs of
South Florida's most discriminating clients. We offer our customers unmatched and exciting
custom designs, top quality fabrication, and precise installation of the finest marble, stone, and
granite for flooring, kitchens, baths, fireplaces, and furniture.

On our staff are registered and licensed interior designers, knowledgeable stone buyers, and true
marble craftsmen. Each has many years of experience and brings the dedication, commitment,
and the attention to detail that is required to make your project everything you envision.

We are located just moments away from the Miami Design District where we can best serve our
customers, allowing us to create art with stone.
P U M A   M A R B L E
C   O   M   P   A   N   Y
End table from multicolor stones fabricated here in Miami, the top of the table is Bottoccino Marble. the size of teh table is 20
Red Persain Travertine integral sink, designed by Robert Seitz. The back wall of the sink is t=in the matching slab materail of Red Persain Travertine. The plumbing is hidden by a box the matches the Travertine.
FIreplace design by Robert Seitz. The materials used are Nouvolato Travertine back wall and the Legs are Light Cross Cut Travertine. The aluminum Detail is aslo designed by Robert Seitz. Our eye for designing your special design Is what we do. The firebox on this fireplace appears to be larger with honed black granite surround.
All kitchens are a piece or art. We treat each one as such. There are so many granite available. From Juperanas to Exotic. We take the time to match them.
St Mary's Cathedral tells a good story. The flooring of this project was created by our company in the 70's.The altar, ambo and the lecturen ws finished in 2005. Our company designs custom church furniture.
Puma Marble Company | 5445 NW Second Ave | Miami, FL 33127 | p: 305.758.6461 | f: 305.757.0461